Monday, October 6, 2014

I still see a baby (but he is 5)

Dear M,

Tomorrow you turn 5 years old, but whenever I look at you I see a baby.

My rational mind acknowledges that your baby days are long gone whenever I pull into preschool pick-up and see you towering over your classmates in line.  You have zero baby fat on your frame.  You are truly a big boy now.

But I see a baby.

Maybe it is that you are so snuggly still.  Your legs haven't yet sprawled out to the ends of the Earth as your older sister's and brother's have, a gangly length of person that I cannot fully place on my lap.  Maybe it is that you still treasure your pacifier in a way that won't be broken until all-day school ends its appeal for you.  Maybe it is because I know you still harbor a secret love for Baby Einstein and other similar shows that you won't watch when your big brother is around but will readily borrow from the library when it is just you and me together.

I find you immensely interesting from a purely genetic standpoint--the brown-haired, hazel-eyed, right-handed kid who followed the two blonde-haired, blue-eyed, left-handed kids.

I find it interesting that you are so very shy around people who aren't family members.  You hardly say a word to anyone unless it is me, Daddy, N, G, Nana or Mamaw.  You sing all the time at home but won't sing at preschool or participate at our music class.  At your big My Gym party, you nearly slunk completely out of your seat when we started singing "Happy Birthday" and covered your eyes with your hands.

Daddy and I talk all the time about how you have a natural rhythm that neither your brother or sister have.  You know how to groove, and we sometimes speculate on whether you will be the athlete or dancer in the family.

All of us love to listen to you talk because it is so cute.  Today at lunch we were remembering the funny things that you, N and G have said in the past.  You asked, "What did I used to call a cwock?" (clock) and Daddy said, "A cwock."

Your calling all Toyota cars "Tornados" has rubbed off on N and G, and even Daddy said something like "Didn't a Toyota come through this area and destroy a town a few years ago" as we were driving northbound.

You adore Shanks and snuggle on him every chance you get.  Today I caught you trying to put his paws on the music mat that Mamaw gave you for your birthday so that he, too, could make music with you.

I am so thankful every single day for my bonus baby blessing.

I love you M,

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