Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The lost iPod, both good and bad

We lost the iPod, and it is sorta driving me crazy.
I know millions of people have lost their mobile phones or dropped them into a thousand pieces or misplaced loads of techie gear, but this is the first lost expensive item.
(Wait, there was that time I hid the bank safe deposit box key too well and had to pay $100 for them to break into it, only to find the key a few months later in the summer towels.)

Its loss bothers me because I hate wasting money and because now I won't have any music with which to workout at the gym (although I will likely swipe N's iPod mini because she steals my sh*t all the time, and paybacks are hell).

But at the same time, its loss is almost a relief.

The kids fought over that thing constantly.
It was the kind with a screen, so they could videotape themselves and watch their silly antics over and over.  It is enough to listen to one's kids make noise, but to listen to one's kids making noise while also listening to their tape-recorded selves making noise is a little more surround sound than I can take.

They had also discovered the 3 games on there, so they would get distracted with that.
N had been swiping it to make American Girl videos in her room.
M took it everywhere (which is why it was lost....somewhere in Kroger, I think, since I've called everywhere else we went last week), and I let him because him dorking around with it allowed me to

The ipod had become a babysitter.
It had become one more thing the kids would screech for when we got in the car.
One more thing for me to keep up with, and it is hard enough to just keep up with my life.

I'm not sure it is worth replacing something that was only useful for the 60 minutes a week I actually make it to the gym and drove me batty the other 10,020 minutes of my week.

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