Saturday, October 6, 2012

Life is full of surprises, and the best one is you

Dear M,

I am savoring these days with you while you still have some baby fat and you're cuddly and say "I yuv you Ma-ee."  You, my bonus baby, are three.

You are so easy, or perhaps I am just so much more relaxed as a mom than I was with your sister and brother.  I think I just kinda let you be, allow you to discover and find ways to entertain yourself.  And maybe since you are kid #3, you have learned to do that simply because you've had to.

I always tell Daddy that you don't have an original idea in your head because everything your big brother does, you do as well.  You adore G, and it has come to the point where you and he can play well for extended periods of time, pretending to be superheroes or Transformers.  It makes me happy to hear you two making your characters talk to each other about saving the world.  I chuckle every time I hear one of you holler, "Help me, bro!" (as the Kratt brothers do on Wild Kratts).

You don't remember, but your big brother did this to you.

You try to tell knock-knock jokes like your siblings.  As best I can figure out, they have to do with pacis and poop.  When you find an opportunity to be in the spotlight of the family and make us laugh, you go hog-wild.  The other night at dinner the four of us couldn't stop laughing at your odd dance in which you smacked at your penis with a toy hammer and sang, "I whack, whack my baby pee-is."

You love to watch Diego on tv and read books.  One of your favorite pastimes is to roll Matchbox cars down a ramp while sitting on the ottoman in the basement.  There are times when I can't find you, but then you'll wander up from the basement and tell me you were visiting Gonzo and Shanks.  You are far, far more brave than either N or G.

It boggles my mind that in one short year you will begin preschool.  These three years have flown by.

The surprise of you has taught me much.  I've learned that while having two little boys two years apart is exhausting, there is great joy in seeing your brotherly closeness develop and grow.  I've learned that I  will probably be able to handle raising another 3-year-old without losing my mind (although you've got a full year to prove me wrong).  I've learned that even though a "surprise" put a kink in my plans, I wouldn't change a thing.


 I am excited to see what the next year will be like, watching you grow, seeing the things in which you take an interest, and hearing all the silly things that will come out of your mouth.

You are a delight to me...the unexpected gift that keeps on giving.

I love you,

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